Services Provided

Process Piping

I.D. Griffith Mechanical Contractors specialize in the fabrication and installation of process piping systems, used to convey steam, condensate, gases, chemicals, fuels, water and waste for all commercial and industrial applications.

Process piping for all major industries:

  • Medical gas piping for health care
  • Sanitary piping for food and beverage
  • Steam and condensate piping
  • Waste treatment and removal piping for manufacturing
  • Gas and fuel oil piping for refinery‚Äôs


Equipment Installations

I.D. Griffith Mechanical Contractors installation services include:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of equipment
  • Rigging, moving and setting
  • Precision alignment, leveling and anchoring

Complex projects include:

  • Plant or equipment relocations
  • Material handling equipment installations
  • Precision pump and compressor installations
  • Tank and vessel installations
  • Manufacturing equipment installations
  • Food and beverage process equipment installations